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About Us

The African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA) is a unique Pan-African network for social investors, headquartered in Nairobi and committed to building a vibrant and high impact community across Africa. AVPA is aligned with thriving networks in Europe (EVPA - HQ in Brussels with 254 members) and Asia (AVPN HQ in Singapore with 503 members) to form a dynamic global force for social impact.

We believe in the transformative power of social investment – the deployment of capital for social ends utilizing a disciplined approach that increases transparency and accountability. Effective social investment can generate significant impact through different types of innovative organizations – from non-profits to social enterprises to full-fledged businesses – yielding vastly different financial returns, from negative (grants) to low (loans) to full market rates (impact investments.)

Over the past decades, wealth in Africa has grown dramatically and with it comes a new breed of investor looking to tackle many of the continent’s glaring social, environmental and economic challenges. From companies looking to improve their CSR practice to high net worth individuals looking to change the world, the AVPA platform engages and connects members across sectors and borders; provides practical, customized frameworks, tools and knowledge to build their effectiveness; and facilitates collaboration and partnership to create real and lasting change for Africa.

AVPA leverages the 13-year successful experience and momentum of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (evpa.eu.com) and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (avpn.asia) – thriving networks that together have over 600 members in 52 countries and are proven catalysts for mobilizing capital and helping members to deploy it more effectively to drive positive change. At the same time, the AVPA is an independent African-led organization that adapts and modifies these models to succeed in Africa’s unique context. AVPA facilitates the flow of human, intellectual and financial capital, not only within Africa, but also with the vast network of members across the 52 countries outside of Africa.

This matters because traditional approaches to addressing major social challenges, fuelled primarily by philanthropy and government spending, will not be sufficient to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Social Investment is absolutely critical for Africa to fulfil its potential at the speed needed to address the acute challenges it faces. Vastly expanded amounts of capital driving innovative, high-impact solutions are needed across Africa, with much greater levels of efficiency and sustainability. Accomplishing this is AVPA’s vision.

Our Mission

The core mission of AVPA is to improve lives in Africa by increasing the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to social investment and by enabling investors to deploy their capital more effectively.

In pursuit of this mission, AVPA focuses on:

  1. Fostering more disciplined practices to deploying capital for social impact that increases transparency and accountability and thus enables individuals and organizations to achieve their aspirations for change in critical areas they care most about – whether it is health, education, financial inclusion, skill building, environment, and youth employment
  2. Promoting collaboration, helping our members pool their funds and sharing best practice across sectors and borders via our unique convening platform.
  3. Enhancing the effectiveness of our members through organised learning opportunities and knowledge sharing to accelerate their impact.
  4. Inspiring the sector by showcasing the real life successes of experienced practitioners to help emerging philanthropists and social investors become more effective.
  5. Facilitating a more informed social investment ecosystem that spans the continuum from philanthropy to impact investment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to one day realize a vibrant, high impact social investment community across Africa—a landscape where providers of capital collaborate to help social purpose organizations (SPOs) deliver maximum social value.

Our Values

Integrity, transparency and leadership.

Our organizational Structure

African-based, African-led and substantially African-funded.

Our Approach

AVPA will add significant and distinctive value in Africa by supporting our members with a robust portfolio of critical services. Over time, this will take the form of:

AVPA will create a more vibrant and collaborative social investment community, through sharing of information during conferences, workshops, seminars, job postings, newsletters and articles. It will also develop sector specific working groups to bring members together for a common goal.

Executive Leadership Team

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Oluwatoyin Adegbite-Moore
Executive Director West Africa Region

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Nancy Kairo
Executive Director East Africa Region

Strategic Advisory Group

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Olayemi Cardoso

Card image cap

Julio Garrido-Mirapeix

Card image cap

Eric Kacou

Card image cap

Janet Mawiyoo

Card image cap

Arif Neky

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Patrick Parring

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Lee Karuri

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Richard “Dick” Kramer

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Dr. Vuyo Mahlati

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Bhekinkosi Moyo

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Adedotun Sulaiman

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Pat Pillai

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Dr. Pat Utoml

Join Us

AVPA is currently in its launch phase. Any organization that is committed to deploying financial, human and intellectual resources more effectively to increase impact in Africa will be eligible to join the network once formally launched. All who join the network during the first 12 months from launch – whether from Africa or other regions – will be designated as “Founding Members” from then on, in recognition of their decisive role in getting this effort off the ground.

Why should you consider joining the AVPA?

The primary benefit of membership is access to people, tools and knowledge that will enhance your ability to achieve the impact you aspire to – whatever that may be.

Of these, the most fundamental is people, and in the AVPA you’ll find a global network of like-minded individuals and organizations from many different sectors —all focused on deploying resources more strategically to improve life in Africa.

Examples of specific services that over time will be available to members include:

Knowledge and Insight
  • Unlimited access to AVPA research reports and case studies
  • Subscription on AVPA quarterly Newsletter
  • Discount to AVPA Training Workshops
  • Complimentary Webinars
  • Access to Knowledge Center team for advice on best practices
  • Study Tours
Advocacy and Collaboration
  • Dedicated Membership Services team representative as relationship manager
  • Participation in peer working groups
  • Participation in peer working groups
  • Access to Deal Share Platform
  • Promotion of events and programs via our website and social media channels
  • Opportunity to contribute in the network’s Blog
  • One complimentary ticket to AVPA’s flagship Annual Conference
  • Potentially, as relevant: Access to speaking opportunities at conferences and workshops
  • Meet ups and Roundtables
  • Personalized introductions

AVPA is currently seeking Seed Funding of US$1.5m per year (for the first three years) from organizations, friends and well-wishers across the African continent. We invite you to become a strategic Founding Partner of this powerful platform by contributing towards our Capital Campaign and together we will transform the social investment ecosystem across Africa.

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Partner please contact info@avpa.africa for more information.

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